Who is EXPLORetail for?

EXPLORetail is the perfect venue industry for personnel to network with their peers and gain valuable marketing information. Additionally, this event is extremely valuable to other industry personnel outside the market who wish to educate themselves about the local market.

What takes place at EXPLORetail events?

All attendees will be viewing various properties that have been recorded from a birds-eye view and from the ground. The property representatives and/or the moderators will provide detailed information about each property. During the course of the event, there will be many conversations about new and expanding retailers, new retail developments, sales and market information, and much more. There are many networking opportunities throughout the day including breakfast, lunch, and cocktail party at 4:30pm.

Where does the EXPLORetail event take place?

Each EXPLORetail event takes place in a central location within each market area. If you cant attend the event, there is opportunity for you to view the event and receive the marketing information online.

How long is the EXPLORetail event?

The event begins with breakfast being served at 8:30 am and cocktail hour starting at 4:30 pm, all in one location.

How do I register for the EXPLORetail event?

You can register for the event on our website via Eventbrite. Check out our Purchase Tickets tab for more information, and a link to the registration page.

What’s Was Retail Bus Tour?

EXPLORetail was formerly The Retail Bus Tour that started in 2010, with our motto “Thinking Outside the Office’. While we found great success serving thousands of attendees over the years, we found a more effective and efficient venue to serve the retail industry. We aim to take our CRE networking event to the next level, bringing it into the 21st century with virtual tours of markets across the country. View all properties from the comfort of one location, with greater opportunities for networking!

Can I view the EXPLORetail event after the date?

Yes! We will provide attendees with a Vimeo login for viewing after the event.

If I cannot attend the EXPLORetail event, can I still view this information?

We’re sorry you could not join us! All drone footage and commentary will be uploaded to our Vimeo account after the event, where you can view them with passwords provided. Please refer to our Virtual Events tab for more information.

What information will I receive at the EXPLORetail Event?

All attendees will receive information about available retail opportunities, expanding retailers, recent property sales and other valuable information about the market. Additionally, all attendees will receive a property information booklet that will include all featured properties, property data and contact information.

Why travel to see available retail space?
See them all from one location